Book Recommendations

Here are some of our favorite books on antiracism and countering extremism.

Toolkits + Guides

The following are great educational resources for use in learning how to combat racism and extremism.

Western States Center Toolkit

Western States Center

Confronting White Nationalism in Schools Toolkit

This toolkit helps educators, students, administrators, and community members respond to hateful rhetoric and the bigoted organizing behind it when it makes its way into classrooms.

PERIL Toolkit

Polarization and Extremism Research Innovation Lab (PERIL) at American University

Risk, Resilience, and Online Radicalization Toolkit

This toolkit offers parents and caregivers strategies and tips to recognize the warning signs of youth radicalization as well as new risks in the COVID-19 era.

ADL Antisemitism Uncovered Toolkit

Anti-Defamation League

Antisemitism Uncovered  Toolkit

In this printable companion toolkit, ADL provides practical resources you can use to join in combating antisemitism wherever you find it, whether online, on campus, in the media or in your community. It helps explain the modern fight against this ancient prejudice.