We work to "break" hate by building knowledge and an intimate understanding of how extremists groups operate, recruit, and grow, in order to counter and disrupt them.

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Our team is a unique collaboration, bringing together the first-hand experience of former extremists, the expertise of professional practitioners, the research of scholars, the insight of community and faith leaders, and the knowledge of dedicated educators.


Individuals and groups from around the world call on Free Radicals Project for hate prevention and counter-extremism strategies. We coach and train students, government officials, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and community groups. 


We offer skillsets of keen understanding and unique methodologies that are unparalleled in the extremism disruption and prevention field. We work hard every day to partner with organizations to address their needs, enabling them to move toward a path of understanding, action, and transformation. 


Learn more about our services, partners, and list of speakers and subject matter experts below.

Our Services

We are subject matter experts in extremism, early prevention, and deradicalization. We offer consulting services in:

  • Program development

  • Exposing recruitment and strategy practices used by extremists

  • Providing expert witness testimony for legal proceedings

  • Other needs for assessing and understanding domestic and transnational extremism


Extremists use compelling messages and images as a means to recruit vulnerable people to adopt their ideology and join their movements. As part of our prevention and diversion strategies, we create effective counter-narratives, both online and offline. Our counternarratives have garnered awards for their creativity and accolades for their effectiveness in countering extremist recruitment efforts.

We work with only a select and limited number of individuals who are in the process of disengaging from extremism. We partner with an array of professional service providers that help us support these individuals on their journeys of accountability and redemption, including: mental health counseling, job training, life coaching, and the process of making amends. 


We have designed course material on what leads people to extremism, as well as training modules for effective extremist prevention and disengagement practices. We use these tools to educate a variety of audiences:

  • Teachers and school administrators

  • Practitioners

  • Community groups

  • Faith groups

Specialized Training

We deliver specialized training modules for effective countering of extremist radicalization and propaganda practices. We use our rare insight and proven experience to inform various decision makers and agencies:​

  • Law enforcement agencies

  • Military personnel

  • Homeland security professionals

  • Government agencies

Speakers Bureau

Our subject matter experts include former extremists that are available to talk about their story and what led them to hate, how they got out, and the non-aggressive disengagement practices that others can utilize. They can also discuss the tactics and historical parallels of today's white nationalists and communicate the threats posed by them.